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#029: Is Your Couples Therapist An Angel From God, or An Unfit?

Idit Sharoni

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Wondering if you should stick with your couples therapist or find someone new? Maybe you have already seen a couple of therapists and none of them felt like the right fit.

I was inspired to talk about this topic by one of the couples in my practice who mentioned that they believe I am an angel sent from God to save their marriage. Granted, this doesn’t happen every day, so I asked them why. I ask all my couples what is helpful and unhelpful to them in the therapy process. When you ask, you get valuable information which… I couldn’t just keep to myself. So, I found the perfect opportunity to share it with our listeners.

I have seen clients who I am their 3rd, 4th and sometimes even 5th couples therapist. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot questions from our listeners which sound a bit similar: “Our therapist does not see my point of view, is it time to change our therapist?”, “What traits should I look for in a marriage therapist?”, or “Are all therapists qualified for couples therapy?”. This episode answers all of these and guides you through choosing the right couples therapist wisely and thoughtfully.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

[list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]To answer the last question above “Are all therapists qualified for couples therapy?” Technically, Yes, they are. But, only a few are properly trained. I share what type of therapist and specializations you want to look for.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]Should your therapist be choosing sides? Well, on this episode I reveal who I always side with no matter what.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]Some therapists are worth sticking around for, and on Episode 29 we give you tips to identify if your therapist is one of them.[/li-row][/list-ul]

Not all the relationships are identical, and not all of them have the same issues – but you knew that, right? So, let us help you identify the one for you. It may take some initiative on your behalf like interviewing potential therapists, and, if you already have one you’re not happy with, taking the time to let them know how they can be more helpful. On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, I answer the most common questions couples have when wondering if their therapist is the right one for them. So, if you want to know what to ask, who to look for, and what to do when you’re not getting the results you want, tune in to this episode.

Check out this episode’s highlights:

[list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]My co-host and I mention different types of training that are tailored for couples counseling. TIP – You should ask your therapist if he/she completed the specific training your relationship needs. [/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]Perspectives to consider if it feels as if your couples therapist keeps siding with your partner. [/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]I make some recommendations of when you should consider switching to someone new. [/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row] As well as mention some characteristics to help you identify if you should stay with your current therapist. [/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row] And lastly, I share traits of an effective couples therapist and how you should probably feel after leaving their office. [/li-row][/list-ul]

This episode will help you if you’re already in couples therapy but feel doubtful after your sessions. It will also help if you’re actively looking for the right couples therapist in your area.

Tune in to figure out if your therapist is truly an Angel sent from God, or if you are just wasting your time with an unfit one.

If you’re seeking a couples therapist in Aventura, Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach or anywhere in Florida, call to schedule a phone consultation at 305-507-9955 or click HERE.


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