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by Idit Sharoni,LMFT

Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni.
Your Relationship expert.

I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I specialize in couples therapy and affair recovery based in Miami, Florida. As a couples therapist in Florida, my passion is helping modern-day committed couples save their marriage in the most effective way possible.

I’ve spent thousands of hours helping couples transform their relationships. As a result, I created my Making It Work couples counseling programs and my Online Programs. I created these for those in the aftermath of infidelity. 

Not your average therapist

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.

Right now you’re in a relationship but you’re struggling to make it work. You can’t seem to communicate in an effective way or feel loved and understood the way you would like. Instead, you watch yourself and your partner drift further and further apart.

You tried different solutions. You’ve even attempted to get advice from a friend, family member, or even a self-help book. But, one-size-fits-all advice hasn’t worked for you. You need a couples therapist in Florida to help you make the necessary changes. I can help you receive the right tools that will work for you and get your relationship on the right track.

You're stronger than you think you are. But like many others, you need help to Make Your Relationship Work.You just want someone to guide you through it.

I help my clients gain an important understanding of their relationships. Much like a photographer zooming in and out and changing lenses to get the very best picture. Then, like a technician with a toolbox, I give clients tools for healthy communication. We roll up our sleeves and get to the relationship’s “engine room”, where the issues lay.

Through my signature programs, I give couples the tools to communicate, get close again, and heal from infidelity. All while tailoring the program to each couple’s individual needs.

you're in the right place.

Here's What You Need:

a structured program

You need a plan! Whether healing from infidelity, improving communication or rekindling desire. "Venting sessions" won't do the trick.

effective tools

Real tools backed up by research. You learn and practice in sessions so you can reach your goals quicker and without getting lost on the way. 

a couples therapist in florida who knows exactly how to help

A specialist in couples therapy and affair recovery can make ALL the difference between successful treatment to a failed one. 

I do this because I value healthy relationships as the No. one ingredient for happiness.


shannon & rob

"Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line."

Five kids and 32 years later your program has given us a life line to have a relationship we always wanted but didn’t think was possible... I can assure you 100% without your course we would be divorced and repeating this pattern with someone else. 
I can’t thank you enough!"

be hopeful!

Shasha & James

"Without your program I don't think we would have been able get through this.

It helped us to see that we both needed to be on the journey to forgiveness, and that it wasn't just up to me (Sasha) to forgive and move on. As soon as James realized his role in my healing, we made the first step and continued with the rest to full recovery. 

rachel & Brian

"From the bottom of both of our hearts, thank you."

You've brought us more than hope. You've installed confidence in me that I didn't think was possible. From the bottom of both of our hearts, thank you.

the serious stuff

I've been up to in the past decade


I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the State of Florida. I received my Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy degree from Nova Southeastern University. I hold a State License from the Florida Department of Health.

I am also a Board Certified Hypnotherapist in the State of Florida. I use this skill as part of my practice with couples and individuals who experience anxiety and other pattern-related issues.

loved every minute!


As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I have extensive training in couples therapy. That alone, never stops me from continuing my post-graduate education in the field. I stay updated on the most cutting-edge therapy methods relating to relationships and marriages.

I've trained with the best in the field. To name a few: The Gottman Institute (LEVEL 3), Esther Perel, Terry Real, Michele Weiner-Davis, and more. So, when I see you, I’m updated on the latest research and tools to make your relationship work.

with Michele Weiner-Davis
with Esther Perel


As part of my mission to spread my message to as many couples as possible, I host a highly successful podcast. It's called Relationships Uncomplicated.

My goal is to bring couples valuable advice on how to enhance their relationships. Each episode focuses on one relationship topic filled with usable tips, strategies, and ideas. Check out the podcast episodes.

sharing is caring!


My latest and most influential project has been It's Okay To Stay®. It is a recovery coaching program for couples in the aftermath of infidelity.

I used all my knowledge from thousands of hours helping couples recovering from infidelity to create a highly effective step-by-step program. It's designed to take couples from the crisis to regaining a loving and trusting relationship.  Check out It’s Okay To Stay®️ - Roadmap to Healing after Infidelity online program.

fulfilled :)

speaking +

I am super passionate about getting my helpful tips across to as many couples as possible. This drives me to do public speaking, interviews, webinars, blogging, and more. Check out my interview with VoyageMIA.

putting myself out there...

If I took a cosmo-girl quiz, these would be...

1. Most important


2. Celeb therapist

Esther Perel

3. Mostly described as

Calm + Accepting

4. Best title (I)

Mrs. Sharoni

5. Best title (II)

Mom (Ima)

6. Fav. weekend activity

Beach + Brunch

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Web Design

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but first

I'd like to make sure we're a good fit. For that, I should know your story. That what you need right now to heal your relationship, and how I can fit in and help you get there. 

let's work together


idit sharoni


Owner, Expert Couples Therapist, Educator


Miami, FL

as a team member you can find me:

In sessions helping couples heal their relationships, or on my computer recording a podcast episode or creating a lesson for my affair recovery program.

my Enneagram is:

3 Achiever & 2 Giver

my hobby: 


i'm most proud of:

Being able to make an impact on people's relationships and finding the most effective ways to make relationships work and heal. 

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emily calvo


In-House Couples Therapist


Miami, FL

as a team member you can find me:

In sessions helping clients cultivate habits to nourish the thriving relationship they’ve always wanted, reading books and researching.

my Enneagram is:

1 Perfectionist 

my hobby: 


i'm most proud of:

Having the tools and knowledge to help people become unstuck, and to help them identify which direction they want to take in their lives.

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betsy castro


Intake Coordinator, Administrative Assistant


Hollywood, FL

as a team member you can find me:

On the phone being the bridge between the client and the therapists providing comfort, ease, and answering any questions clients might have regarding the therapy process. 

my Enneagram is:

5 Investigator

my hobby: 


i'm most proud of:

Starting my own healing journey in therapy and living a life based on my own values, passions and calling.

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oshrat haim


marketing wizard


Miami, FL

as a team member you can find me:

Thinking of creative ways to support Idit's clients digitally. Whether it's in the Facebook support group, Podcast, Website or Online Courses, I help Idit spread her message and impact as many people as she can. 

my Enneagram is:

3 Achiever, 1 Perfectionist & 8 Challenger

my hobby: 


i'm most proud of:

Sharing my thoughts with Idit and coming up with the most innovative ways to get her ideas out there and help her couples.

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Jackie Allen


Intake Coordinator, Administrative Assistant


Orlando, FL

as a team member you can find me:

On the other end of the phone, welcoming patients to the practice. I'm a scheduling aficionado working tirelessly to give each and every client individualized attention to fit their specific needs. 

my Enneagram is:

8 Guardian

my hobby: 

Ballroom Dancing

i'm most proud of:

Completing my degree while raising a family and working full time.

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