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We are a group of expert couples therapists specializing in marriage counseling and affair recovery led by Idit Sharoni, LMFT. We help couples and individuals save their relationships using our structured therapy process.

We don't do "venting sessions". We provide couples with structure, tools, assessments, and guidance. Together, we help transform their relationships in the most effective way possible. 

If you're looking to transform your relationship,
you're in the right place. 

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we are private pay only

We do not take insurances for several reasons: to keep your confidentiality, leave treatment control in your hands, and offer quality care.  

We offer online therapy only

We do not offer in-person sessions. Our practice became online only since 2020 and we are experiencing a higher success rate since!

we offer packages of treatment

We find that therapy treatment packages lead to higher success rates and shorter time in therapy. You can still choose to pay per hour with some of our experts. 

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