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by Idit Sharoni,LMFT

The testimonials here are real experiences from couples I had the privilege of working with. Their names and some of their details were changed to keep their confidentiality. 


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These couples all wanted to help you to get a feel for how it is to work with me, what they went through before and during the process, and where they got as a result.

As you read their words, see if you can find yourself in one of their stories. I hope their experience will inspire you to take action towards making your relationship work.


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Our clients Say...

I never thought our marriage would require the help of therapist. We never had serious problems, and hardly ever argued. When an issue caused lack of trust, communication, and overall marriage well-being… we turned to Idit.

We were skeptical, at first, because we are very private people. From our first phone conversation, Idit made me feel comfortable; she understood exactly what was happening, and gave options that made me feel at ease. When we both began going to therapy sessions, Idit was unbiased in her questioning and helped us analyze our feelings, situation, and goals. She made us both feel that what we were feeling was important.

She gave us several practical tools & guides that: A) helped us understand each other’s feelings, needs & desires better; B) helped build our communication & listening skills; C) helped us set measurable goals. My marriage has improved by far!

Considering all of the suggestions & tools she provided us that helped us build a healthier marriage, proved to us that Idit is passionate about her work & is constantly trying to evolve in her field.

A&L came to see me for help as a result of infidelity reveal. We worked through all the stages of recovery from the shock phase through the rebuilding of trust and finally, strengthening the relationship. This couple has been able to rescue their relationship and even make it better with time. They wrote this message to couples considering getting my help for the aftermath of an affair.

Our divorce papers were ready to sign, but we decided to give counseling a chance.
We came with little hope that this will help save our marriage… Shockingly, after the first hour and a half with Idit, we were able to start changing as a couple.

We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other which was the beginning of a turnaround for us after 7 years of marriage. What an amazing journey this has been for us, and what an impact it has on our children.

I’m happy to say we are doing really well now. Divorce is not even discussed anymore and our family enjoys the stability of our day to day way of being. Thank you so much, Idit.

M&P came to see me as the last resort before divorce. They has a lot to lose other than their couple's relationship. They were concerned about the kids, financial precautions, mutual business, and more. We started with helping them acquire new communication skills and that made a huge change. They felt safe to talk and say what's in their hearts, and that paved the road to a bigger change that made them save their marriage.

Shattered only begins to describe how I felt after finding out about the affair. Before starting Idit’s counseling program, I was spending my time crying, raging at my spouse, and trying to get any piece of advice to get me better.

We came to Idit’s office broken beyond repair. I was ready to end it because I didn’t think I was able to move past the infidelity. Thankfully, our relationship was handled with the most respect and understanding.

Slowly but surely, we learned to trust Idit and allow her to guide us through the roughest times in our lives. We reinvented our marriage and it has been better than ever before. I told Idit we have God to thank first and then her.

L&M came to me two weeks after the revelation of the husband's 5-year affair. We worked together through the wife's anger and ambivalence about staying in the relationship. We continued working through the pain, re-establishing trust, and rebuilding the marriage. This couple came out much stronger that they were before.

I approached Idit Sharoni because we really needed help in our marriage.
Idit helped by providing useful tools to resolve our conflict and in creating better communication skills between my spouse and I.

The result has been life changing and empowering. One of the things I liked about Idit is her ability to make you understand all relationships experience problems. We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed in order to make our relationship successful.

We would definitely recommend Idit Sharoni to any couple needing outside help to resolve issues within their relationship.

I&T couldn't stop arguing and fighting in the past months before they came to me. They both felt unheard by their partner and as a result, they started drifting apart. We worked together to transform their communication with specific communication tools. They were able to start talking about things again and stop swiping under the rug. They saved their marriage.

It was super helpful to have a program as opposed to traditional never ending therapy sessions. We went to couple’s therapy before and it simply wasn’t helpful.

I think that what made the process with Idit Sharoni work, is the fact that we had a plan, and a finishing line. As a businessman, I have no time or patience for tedious, pointless sessions.

I appreciated the program and the fact that we were able to achieve our goal within the time we anticipated. Our relationship is on the right track, and we keep the option of seeing Idit for maintenance sessions in the future.

T&A wanted to save their marriage, but couldn't agree on a therapist. I was their 4th couples therapist and they were close to giving up on the whole idea. A is a very busy businessman who found the traditional week to week sessions to be endless and unhelpful. He felt comfortable working with me only because I offered a package that was more structured. The couple improved their communication and transformed their marriage by the end of the 10-hour package.

We needed therapy as a couple, but we kept putting it off due to lack of time. My girlfriend and myself are both busy entrepreneurs working around the clock. Our crazy schedules literally prevented us from finding a time to see a therapist.

We were recommended by a friend to see Idit Sharoni but weren’t quite sure how we would manage the scheduling. Idit offered to do the counseling through an online video software that will allow both of us the freedom to attend therapy from our home or our office. We went for it and, thanks to Idit’s professional counseling, we gained our connection back.

I would recommend anyone considering couples counseling and struggling with making it to Idit’s office to go for her online program. It is absolutely confidential, personal, and comfortable, and most importantly, it works!

J&C are a super busy couple who couldn't find time that works for both to be in my office. We decided to do the couples therapy online at the comfort of their home. They were able to get close again, increase desire in their relationship, and improve their communication.

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