wish you could Stop Fighting + Start Communicating?

It's time to do away with vicious cycles of communication.You deserve to connect and feel well loved. 

Making a relationship work has a lot to do with improving and polishing your communication. Thankfully, communication therapy for couples can help you improve and acquire new communication skills that will serve you in the long run.






if you are constantly fighting, arguing, and drifting apart

We can help

practice Couples therapy exercises for communication

learn Healthy communication in a relationship

restore your friendship, intimacy, and respect to one another

overcome and heal past emotional pain and get rid of resentment

Communicate effectively with your partner to reach COnflict resolution

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Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni.
Your Marriage Counselor & Relationship expert.

I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I specialize in Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and Affair Recovery based in Miami, FL. My passion is helping committed couples save their marriages in the most effective way possible.

I've spent the last decade helping couples transform their relationships. I have accomplished this through my Marriage Counseling and Affair Recovery programs.

My team of experts and myself strongly believe that "venting sessions" are ineffective with couples. As a result, we offer structured couples therapy programs with assessments, tools, progress evaluations and communication therapy for couples in Florida.

What's Your Current Communication Pattern?

You argue a lot and find yourself in crisis mode or silent treatments more than you’d like. It often ends in yelling, saying things you regret, or in total avoidance. Your long-term relationships have changed with time because, at some point, you stopped communicating and started resenting.
It feels like you and your partner are growing apart due to bad communication and you know it’s not like it used to be. Lately, you felt not cared for, neglected, or even defeated by your fighting patterns.

Sounds familiar?

There is hope! You can start communicating, resolving issues, and healing old emotional wounds. You can learn how to communicate more effectively, reduce conflict and get your point across. Hang in there because there is hope for you to finally feel heard without having to go to the extreme. I spent thousands of hours helping couples find the right way to communicate. And, I've taught many couples effective tools to stop fighting, start listening, and to be heard.

Fortunately, the help of a skilled Marriage counselor can save your relationship. Communication therapy for couples can help you identify problematic communication patterns and replace them with excellent speaking and listening skills. Together, you can finally feel heard and well loved.

Marriage counseling and Couples Therapy CAN do wonders to your communication

Communication can make or break a relationship. When communication is ineffective, couples will argue often and will find themselves stuck in never ending cycles. These unhealthy patterns result in the same conflicts over and over again.

But when partners are mindful of their words, behaviors, responses, and even assumptions, communication can take a whole different direction. Couples who make the effort to create necessary changes when unhelpful patterns of interaction are wounding the relationship will have a better chance to repair their relationship and communicate effectively.

We give our couples tools to transform their communication so they can listen to learn, instead of listen to win an argument. We teach you how to be conscious in communication, to listen and to truly understand your partner’s perspective.

See how

Roadmap to healthy


1. Become aware

2. reconnect

3. resolve

First, we identify the communication patterns you experience which make you enter a vicious cycle of arguing and fighting. Then, you will learn to become more aware of the 4 main negative interactions that are corrosive to your relationship and bring negativity, frustration, conflict, and distance. 

After that, we learn actual tools to encourage great listening skills as well as great speaking skills. You will practice in the session how to express a concern, a complaint, or pain and be heard. We will use The Gottman Method's interventions which are research- based and have been proven to improve couple's communication with great success. 

Finally, you will practice the skills to make them your own. Implementing the new skills during and between sessions will allow us to get deeper into your conflict areas and help you get resolution, compromise, or repair of old wounds. 

What If You Could Understand Exactly How To Get To Your Partner So He Or She Will React Differently To You?

What If You Could Push The "Right Buttons" To Make That Change Happen Sooner Rather Than Later?

We look forward to helping you get there!



Becoming Aware

Dream Big

- Idit & Team

identify problematic patterns of communicating

Reconnect utilizing research based listening and speaking tools

enjoy conversations that end in resolution and feel loved

What Can You Do For Us That We Haven’t Tried Before?

Our couples communication therapy service is for those who have tried it all. You’ve likely tried fixing your communication issues in many ways. You may have tried reading self-help books, being the agent of change on your own, and you may have even gone to other therapists. But nothing seems to work. Yet, one thing is apparent: you continue to hope for change that isn't happening on its own. Using our expertise, you'll quickly learn how to speak so that your partner can listen. And, how to listen so that your partner can speak. 

You're Considering Communication Therapy for couples But You Still Have A Few Questions

We can't stop fighting. Is Our Relationship Even Worth Saving?

If you and your partner both feel like it is truly over, we can still offer you honest and compassionate guidance. We offer support as you both transition into a new stage of your relationship and life. But, if you are on this page, it is likely at least a small part of you still believes in your relationship. We will help you tap into that well of hope doing everything we can to help you and your partner preserve your connection. Our goal is to give you effective and powerful guidance that you can use to transform your communication.

We tried couples therapy before. How is Communication Therapy  different?

We don't do "Venting Sessions". We believe in having a plan and research-based tools to help guide couples to healthy patterns of communication. This is why couples communication therapy is structured to offer assessments and progress evaluations throughout. Our team members are all experienced licensed marriage & family therapists. We are specialized in couples therapy and trained with The Gottman Institute. The leading relationship research facility in the US.

Take Action!

Begin Communication Therapy for Couples in Florida 

Thank you so much for reading this page! Our Miami, FL-based therapy practice is dedicated to helping couples communicate more effectively. Our caring therapists would be honored to help you learn new communication patterns to improve your relationship. 

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Meet with one of our caring couples therapists for your 1st session.

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Stop arguing and start communicating and connecting in healthy ways.

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If you’re ready to start your journey, here is

Other Services Provided by Idit Sharoni - Relationship Experts

Relationship issues are not one-size-fits-all. So, neither are our services. We recognize that every couple is unique. Each has a variety of lived experiences and struggles. Therefore, we offer specific services to couples at our Miami, FL-based counseling office.

There are multiple ways you can work with us. We offer Infidelity Recovery Programs and Affair Counseling to couples in the aftermath of infidelity who want to heal and rebuild trust. We also provide services to individuals in the aftermath of infidelity who deal with PTSD (post trauma) related to the infidelity. For couples who struggle with handling conflict, we offer tailored couples therapy programs to help them reconnect. We also offer online marriage counseling from the comfort of your home.

You deserve to be happy in your relationship or marriage. Our therapists are here when you’re ready to start.


florida couple

"Idit helped save our marriage and we will forever be thankful."

When we both began going to therapy sessions, Idit was unbiased in her questioning and helped us analyze our feelings, situation, and goals. She made us both feel that what we were feeling was important. She gave us several practical tools & guides.

be hopeful!

florida couple

"We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed."

Our therapist gave us several practical tools & guides that: A) helped us understand each other’s feelings, needs & desires better; B) helped build our communication & listening skills; C) helped us set measurable goals. My marriage has improved by far! 

florida couple

"We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other."

We came with little hope that this will help save our marriage… Shockingly, after the first hour and a half with Idit, we were able to start changing as a couple. We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other which was the beginning of a turnaround for us after 7 years of marriage. 

Florida couples, Inquire about communication therapy rates

Let's begin healing your communication today.

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