Making a relationship work has a lot to do with improving and polishing your communication. The best way to improve is to acquire NEW communication skills that will serve you in the long run.

wish you could Stop Fighting + Start Communicating?

Many couples experiencing communication issues struggle with getting through to their partners. They often don’t feel heard, and as a result, they turn into arguing in the hopes of getting their point across.

If you’re feeling frustrated 

to feel heard, handle conflict, and get it resolved as part of my couples counseling program.

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What's your current communication pattern?

As a marriage and family therapist who specializes in couples work, I know that I can help you identify problematic communication patterns, and replace them with excellent speaking and listening skills so you can feel heard.

You argue a lot and find yourself in crisis mode or silent treatments more than you’d like. It often ends in yelling, saying things you regret, or in total avoidance.
Your long-term relationships has changed with time, because at some point, you stopped communicating and started resenting.
It feels like you and your partner are growing apart due to bad communication and you know it’s not like it used to be. Lately, you felt not cared for, neglected, or maybe even defeated by your fighting patterns.
Sounds familiar?

There is hope! You can start communicating, resolving issues, and healing old emotional wounds. 

You can learn how to communicate more effectively, reduce conflict and get your point across.

Hang in there because there is hope for you to finally feel heard without having to go to the extreme.
I spent thousands of hours helping couples find the right way to communicate, teaching them effective tools to stop fighting and start listening and being heard.

couples COUNSELING CAN do wonders to YOUR communication

For many couples, navigating the healing process alone can be fraught with emotional challenges. More often than not, couples either bury unresolved emotions or rush through the healing process, skipping crucial steps that only further damage the relationship.

Working with a marriage counselor provides you with a structured healing process that ensures you go through each step of the process and heal. It gives you a place to tell your story and process your pain. Recovering from an affair isn’t something that happens overnight, but in time, you can heal yourself and repair your relationship.

My approach to affair recovery is ultimately focused on helping you move from crisis to understanding and reconnecting, and finally, to experiencing a loving and trusting relationship.

I am trained with The Gottman Institute (LEVEL 3) and have been utilizing their research based method to improve couples communication and relationship with great success. 

Roadmap to making your

First we identify the communication patterns you experience which make you enter a vicious cycle of arguing and fighting. Then, you will learn to become more aware of the 4 main negative interactions that are corrosive to your relationship and bring negativity, frustration, conflict and distance. 

After that, we learn actual tools to encourage great listening skills as well as great speaking skills. You will practice in the session how to express a concern, a complaint, or pain and be heard. We will utilize Dr. John Gottman's interventions which are research based and have been proven to improve couples communication with great success. 

Finally, you will practice the skills to make them your own. Implementing the new skills during and in between sessions will allow us to get deeper into your conflict areas and help you get resolution, compromise, or repair of old wounds. 

What if you could understand exactly how to get to your partner so he or she will react differently to you?

What if you could push the "Right Buttons" to make that change happen sooner rather than later?

communication work

identify + become aware

learn to be a great speaker + LISTENER

practice, implement + find resolution

dream big



Shattered only begins to describe how I felt after finding out about the affair. We reinvented our marriage and it has been better than ever before. I told Idit we have God to thank first and then her.

"Idit taught us how to rebuild trust from the ground up."

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She gave us several practical tools & guides that: A) helped us understand each other’s feelings, needs & desires better; B) helped build our communication & listening skills; C) helped us set measurable goals. My marriage has improved by far! 

"We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed."

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florida couple



We came with little hope that this will help save our marriage… Shockingly, after the first hour and a half with Idit, we were able to start changing as a couple. We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other which was the beginning of a turnaround for us after 7 years of marriage. 

"We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other."

The Reviews:

florida couple

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