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Has Infidelity Shattered Yout Marriage?

If your relationship has suffered an act of infidelity, you are probably hurt and confused. You probably feel like your relationship as you knew it has become completely foreign and you don’t know where or who to turn to for support. But, help is available.

Has a recent affair shaken your faith in your partner or the institution of marriage altogether?

Are you having a hard time learning to trust again after an affair and want help repairing your marriage? Perhaps you want help letting go of the anger and resentment, but you feel stuck in a storm of emotions.

Maybe your marriage has suffered a series of affairs, and you want your partner to see the impact it is having on your family and marriage.

Or, it could be that you are the unfaithful party and realize the damage your behavior has done, but you don’t know how to fix your marriage on your own.

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Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni.
Your affair recovery expert.

the quality of our relationship determines the quality of our life. 

I'm a Florida based Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) specializing in helping committed couples heal and recover from an affair. 
I built a team of experts and together we help people make their relationship work!

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Infidelity Can Happen In Any Marriage

Unfortunately, infidelity is a lot more common than most of us think. People are either unable to talk about it or unwilling to admit it because of shame, guilt or the desire to protect their family. And, although we often characterize unfaithful partners as narcissistic or morally corrupt, that is frequently oversimplifying what is truly happening in the relationship. Regardless of one’s economic, cultural or religious background, infidelity can happen to anyone. If you or your family has been affected by infidelity, you are not alone.

The majority of affairs happen because a need or issue in the relationship is going unaddressed. Sometimes, partners simply drift apart and the loss of connection and intimacy opens the door to the possibility of a physical encounter outside of the marriage. For other couples, unaddressed communication issues create an urgent need to be heard and validated, which can lead to an emotional relationship outside of the marriage. The good news is, most couples who experience infidelity ultimately stay together, and with proper guidance, they can even enhance their relationship.


For many couples, navigating the healing process alone can be fraught with emotional challenges. More often than not, couples either bury unresolved emotions or rush through the healing process, skipping crucial steps that only further damage the relationship.

Working with a marriage counselor provides you with a structured healing process that ensures you go through each step of the process and heal. It gives you a place to tell your story and process your pain. Recovering from an affair isn’t something that happens overnight, but in time, you can heal yourself and repair your relationship.

My approach to affair recovery is ultimately focused on helping you move from crisis to understanding and reconnecting, and finally, to experiencing a loving and trusting relationship.

I draw inspiration from and use the methods of Dr. John Gottman and Esther Perel to create a structured roadmap for healing that addresses your unique situation and needs.

As a team of marriage and family therapists specializing in affair recovery, we know that we can help you heal your pain, regain trust and restart a loving relationship with your partner.

Roadmap to healing

after infidelity

1. rebalance

2. reconnect

3. restart

The first phase of the healing process begins with us “Rebalancing” the context of your crisis. After initially finding out about infidelity, it is understandable to be overwhelmed with intense emotions and even despair. So, our initial focus will be reinforcing stability and personal balance so that you can gain clarity and alleviate some of the immediate distress.

In the second phase, or the “Reconnection” phase, we will work on ways to bridge the disconnect between you and your partner so that certain important conversations can be had. In this stage, we will explore the meaning of the infidelity by answering the question “Why did this happen?”. We might also explore how infidelity has impacted your health, your marriage, the children or the other party’s family. The goal is for you to be able to communicate with each other deeply and productively so you can have a clear understanding of this complex situation.

In the final phase, “Restart”, we will concentrate on beginning your relationship anew. We might discuss how to set healthy relationship boundaries or new rules and expectations for your partnership. And, we will look at ways of eventually regaining intimacy in your marriage.ourself after marriage counseling is over.

I understand that you are in a lot of pain right now, but healing is possible and so is saving your marriage. Most couples stay together after infidelity, and those who go through affair counseling and heal frequently report that their relationship became stronger than ever.

In fact, learning how to communicate honestly and resolve conflict peacefully often makes a couple’s marriage healthier. In time, you can learn to trust again and move forward with your lives.

Third healing phase

Second healing phase

First healing phase

We Understand

- Idit & Team

End The Affair, Start Regaining Trust, Express Remorse

Communicate & Reconnect, Understand Motives, Handle Trauma

Create New Rules & Boundaries, Regain Intimacy, Prevent Relapse

“As The Unfaithful Party, I Worry About Being Judged.”

I understand that infidelity naturally invites judgment, especially from those who are not able to see its complexity. But, my role is to help you both express yourselves safely, without fear of judgment. I offer fair, pragmatic guidance that can get to the root of your behavior’s motivations and change the dynamic of your relationship so that unmet needs are being addressed. Recovery isn’t magic; it takes work, but with your commitment and my guidance, you can repair your marriage.

You're Considering Affair Counseling But You Still Have A Few Questions And Concerns

“I Am Too Ashamed To Talk About This.”

Right now you are likely experiencing a lot of shame and self-blame. You probably think that you let this happen or that you are foolish for staying with your partner afterward. The truth is, this is not your fault. And if you are willing to work through this, despite the pain and trauma, it is because you believe that your relationship has a richness that you don’t want to walk away from. Couples therapy for infidelity allows you to use that energy and faith productively.

“I Can’t Trust Anybody Now.”

Right now, it probably feels like someone pulled the rug out from underneath your feet and you’re just falling. You are probably wondering what, if anything, is for certain. And although I know it is hard, the only way out of this mess is through it, and I’ll be right beside you the whole way. Learning to trust your therapist is a great first step in learning to trust your partner again. Through our work together, the pain can lessen, and your faith in people, your relationship—even love, itself—can be restored.

What are the success rates?

The healing process is different for each couple, and as a result, success varies. We measure success through a subjective progress evaluation at the end of the therapy process. We estimate that most of our couples either reach or close to reaching their goals. These might include healing, rebuilding trust, and reconnecting. 

how long is the affair recovery counseling process?

The counseling process varies from one case to the other and from one expert to another. Most of our couples reach their goals within 8-10 weekly sessions. 

We tried couples therapy before. How is this different?

We don't do "Venting Sessions". We believe in having a plan and a roadmap to help guide couples in the aftermath of infidelity. This is why our affair recovery counseling process is structured and has very clear phases and healing goals. Our team members are all experienced licensed marriage & family therapists specialized in affair recovery to make sure you are in the best hands.  

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Other Services Provided by Idit Sharoni - Relationship Experts

Relationship issues are not one-size-fits-all. So, neither are our services. We recognize that every couple is unique. Each has a variety of lived experiences and struggles. Therefore, we offer specific services to couples at our Miami, FL-based counseling office.

We offer Infidelity Recovery Programs and Affair Counseling to couples in the aftermath of infidelity who want to heal and rebuild trust. We also provide services to individuals in the aftermath of infidelity who deal with PTSD (post trauma) related to the infidelity. For couples who struggle with handling conflict, we offer communication counseling to help them reconnect. We also offer online marriage counseling from the comfort of your home.

You deserve to be happy in your relationship or marriage. Our therapists are here when you’re ready to start.


florida couple

"Idit taught us how to rebuild trust from the ground up."

Shattered only begins to describe how I felt after finding out about the affair. We reinvented our marriage and it has been better than ever before. I told Idit we have God to thank first and then her.I can’t thank you enough!"

be hopeful!

florida couple

"We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed."

Our therapist gave us several practical tools & guides that: A) helped us understand each other’s feelings, needs & desires better; B) helped build our communication & listening skills; C) helped us set measurable goals. My marriage has improved by far! 

flrida couple

"We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other."

We came with little hope that this will help save our marriage… Shockingly, after the first hour and a half with Idit, we were able to start changing as a couple. We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other which was the beginning of a turnaround for us after 7 years of marriage. 

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