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by Idit Sharoni,LMFT

LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy

We specialize in helping LGBTQ+ couples like you rebuild love, strengthen communication, and create a resilient foundation for a lasting relationship.

Are you and your partner facing challenges in your relationship? Do you feel like your connection is drifting apart or that communication has become strained? You're not alone. Every relationship faces obstacles, but with the right guidance and support, you can navigate them together and build a thriving, fulfilling partnership.

At Relationship Experts, we understand that each relationship is unique, and we tailor our approach to suit your specific needs. We create a safe and inclusive space where you and your partner can openly express yourselves and explore the issues that have led you to seek therapy. 

Our experienced therapists are not only trained in couples therapy techniques...

They are also deeply familiar with the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. We provide a supportive environment that acknowledges and celebrates your identities and experiences.

If you need to:


Improve communication

Couples therapy can help you and your partner communicate more effectively and resolve conflict in a healthy way


Rekindle intimacy

Couples therapy can help rebuild the intimacy in your relationship and create a strong and lasting bond.


Heal from infidelity

Couples therapy can help you and your partner heal and rebuild trust after infidelity.

then here's your solution

lgbtq+ couples therapy

With our tailored solutions and compassionate guidance, you can overcome challenges, cultivate love and acceptance, and build a relationship that thrives. Take the step towards a stronger, more fulfilling partnership by scheduling a free phone consultation today. Together, we will work towards a future filled with love, connection, and resilience.

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Here's an explanation of why you should work with us:

We take immense pride in our commitment to serving the LGBTQ+ community. We understand that finding the right therapist who truly understands and respects your unique experiences and challenges can make all the difference in your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Here's why our therapy services are the best choice for LGBTQ+ couples in Florida:

Research Based:

We utilize the Gottman Method Couples Therapy as evidence-based treatment for same-sex couples.

Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this therapeutic approach focuses on enhancing relationship satisfaction and creating lasting change. What makes it particularly valuable for same-sex couples is its emphasis on universal relationship principles that apply to all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The method's core components, such as building friendship, managing conflict, and fostering shared meaning, have been extensively researched and proven to be beneficial for same-sex couples.

LGBTQ+ Affirmative:

We provide an inclusive and affirming environment to invite change & healing.

We have cultivated a safe, inclusive, and affirming space where you and your partner can be your authentic selves. We celebrate the diversity of identities and relationships within the LGBTQ+ community, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and understanding. We recognize that your unique experiences shape your relationship, and we are committed to honoring and validating those experiences throughout the therapeutic process.

Expertise in LGBTQ+ Issues:

Our therapists have specialized knowledge and training in LGBTQ+ issues.

We want to ensure that you will receive competent and compassionate care. We are well-versed in the specific dynamics and struggles that LGBTQ+ couples face, such as coming out, navigating societal pressures, and dealing with discrimination. Our deep understanding allows us to provide targeted support and guidance tailored to your needs.

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in couples therapy. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping couples overcome obstacles and create thriving relationships.

tailored approach;

Our therapists will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

We understand that LGBTQ+ relationships are diverse and multifaceted. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to couples therapy. That's why we take the time to understand your unique circumstances and tailor our therapeutic techniques to address your specific needs and goals. We combine evidence-based interventions with a deep understanding of LGBTQ+ issues to provide you with a personalized treatment plan that promotes growth, healing, and relationship satisfaction.

Nonjudgmental and Confidential:

We recognize the importance of confidentiality in therapy. 

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure that your personal information remains confidential. You can feel confident in sharing your thoughts, concerns, and struggles, knowing that we provide a judgment-free zone where you can be open and honest without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

real results:

"Relationship Experts saved our relationship. It has been an absolute game-changer for us."

From the moment we logged into the zoom session, we felt embraced, accepted, and understood. The therapist provided us with a safe and inclusive space where we could openly express ourselves without fear of judgment. Her expertise in LGBTQ+ issues, coupled with her compassionate approach, helped us navigate our unique challenges and rebuild a stronger and healthier relationship. Through our therapist's guidance, we learned effective communication strategies, resolved conflicts, and fostered a deeper emotional connection. We are forever grateful for the transformative experience we had.

- dan & jeff*

"We restored our love and we are beyond thankful for our therapist's ability to be a beacon of hope. "

As a lesbian couple, we were desperate to find a therapist who could truly understand our journey and the dynamics of our relationship. Relationship Experts exceeded our expectations in every way. The therapist created a warm, affirming, and nonjudgmental environment where we felt safe to explore our challenges and vulnerabilities. With their expert guidance, we rediscovered our love, deepened our communication, and embraced a future filled with hope and joy. We cannot recommend Relationship Experts highly enough for lesbian couples seeking compassionate and effective support.

- alex & erica*

ready? Thought so.

Take the step towards a healthier and more connected relationship today. Choose our LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy in Florida for specialized care that celebrates your unique journey. Together, we can overcome obstacles, build effective communication, and create a strong foundation for lasting love and happiness. Schedule a free phone consultation now to begin your transformative journey.

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