Episode #028: How To Tell Your Kids You're Divorcing - Divorce Talk
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#028: How To Tell Your Kids You’re Divorcing – Your Divorce Talk


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Planning a divorce but not sure how to have the Divorce Talk with your kids? Wondering what are some of the Do’s and Dont’s in having this type of conversation? We have some really good tips for you in today’s episode.

Telling your children you’re getting a divorce can be extremely nerve wrecking. That’s why parents tend to either put off or not plan the divorce talk with their children. While putting this conversation on hold is not such a bad idea at times, make sure you use that time wisely.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

[list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]How to deliver the divorce talk that your kids are likely to remember for the rest of their lives.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]Your children will have many questions regarding the divorce. Therefore, we help you to be prepared to handle your children’s questions and concerns in the best way possible.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]What you must do with your soon-to-be-ex before you even have the divorce talk.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]Even if the two of you are no longer together as a couple, the two of you are still a team in terms of parenting – we talk about co-parenting too. [/li-row][/list-ul]

I’ve seen cases where parents bring up the divorce to their children simply to get back at their ex. Unfortunately, the damage this causes to children is really hard to fix. No matter how difficult it might be, when breaking such painful news, it is important that you and your ex work together to deliver a united message. I am well aware that this is not always possible, but try asking yourself and your soon to be ex: can we make this huge effort to benefit the future of our children? As hard as it is to say yes at times, I hope you’ll at least consider the option. We talk about why you want to leave out any negative details as to why the two of you are getting a divorce. And what your child needs to always know.

Check out this episode’s highlights:

[list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]We talk about the child’s perspective: how this talk influences the future.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]We talk about whether you should have the talk with all the kids together, or with each one separately.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]My co-host Alina shares valuable statements and resources you can use for the divorce talk with your children.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]We give you 4 pieces of advice to best handle the before, while, and after of the conversation.[/li-row][/list-ul][list-ul type=”arrow2″][li-row]We talk about why you want to leave out any negative details as to why the two of you are getting a divorce. And what your child needs to always know (hint: you’ll always be his or her parents).[/li-row][/list-ul]

Remember, this talk will mark a significant moment in your children’s lives – make sure to plan for it.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce by M. Gary Neuman

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