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by Idit Sharoni,LMFT

hi, I'm DR. Yael Haklai-Neagu - senior therapist

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist who believes that investing in the health of your relationship is ultimately nurturing your wellbeing. 

I became an effective couples therapist the moment I realized healing cannot be found in the obvious details.

I believe meaningful changes last. Unlike superficial adjustments, real transformation begins at the root. It becomes part of how you are in your relationship rather than part of what you try to be. 
When I work with you, I help you get there, identify patterns, and make the changes so that you can enjoy a lasting, loving and thriving relationship!

After all, it's in your ability to change vicious cycles into healthy patterns of connections. I'm here to dive in with you to the core of your experience, help you identify what fuels the unhealthy patterns, and create meaningful change.

why work with me

the serious yet important stuff credentials are made of...

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist in the State of Florida. I received my PhD and Master of Science in Marriage & Family degrees from Nova Southeastern University. I have my State License from the Florida Department of Health.

I've been using my skills to help individuals and couples create the relationships they desire for almost a decade now. 

i hope you're ready for the ride

I'M GOING TO HELP YOU make a meaningful change.

Lasting change requires a precise process and that is why I offer structure, tools, and evaluation as part of my couples therapy. When we work together, you can expect a journey that is thorough and deep, yet fulfilling and transformative!

Through many years of experience, Idit Sharoni formulated a system that gets couples lasting results without having to spend months in venting sessions. As a clinical team member at Idit's practice, I share this approach to helping couples make their relationships work. 

Your relationship story, your feelings, and the way you react to one another all make sense in your context.

Proud to be on Idit's team of experts

i help couples / individuals with:

communication issues

I help my couples transform the way they speak and listen to one another, so they can reconnect and feel safe to handle conflict.

infidelity/affair recovery

I guide my couples through a roadmap to healing after infidelity. We go step by step through all the phases of healing: Rebalancing, Reconnecting, and Restarting. 

betrayal trauma

I help hurt partners who experience PTSD after infidelity (intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, hyper-vigilance, etc.) reduce symptoms and regain balance.

"For the first time, in maybe our 16 year marriage, we finally hear each other.

- rachel & jeff

Now our conversations provide healing and comfort and have completely changed the path I believe we were on. I was looking for a pathway out of the pain. I wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do to feel better and this course, along with the roadmap, videos and coaching calls, did that. Thank you Yael and Idit."

"the journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place"

- barbara de angelis

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