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What we do...

If you prefer to stay at the comfort of your home and have a relationship expert help save your marriage, then online relationship therapy in Florida is the best solution for you. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to practice social distancing until further notice. So, we decided to offer the perfect solution in the form of Online Therapy in Florida. all done through a secure teletherapy platform.

When you schedule an online therapy session with us, you get a link to a secure platform where we will meet at the time of our session. This platform allows video and audio so we can see and hear each other throughout. We may share our screen or send you documents as we would during an in-office session. That way, you do not miss any psychoeducation or practice tool we present during the online session.

Many couples these days want to start relationship therapy, but find it impossible to come to our office.

Now you can save your relationship from the comfort of your home with Online couples therapy in Florida.

Does online Couples therapy work?

You might be wondering whether online couples therapy can be as effective as face-to-face couples therapy. The data shows the same levels of efficacy and accomplishment when it comes to online therapy versus in-office therapy. So, it does work and our online couples are happy to stay in the comfort of their home or office.
Our team of experts also makes sure to stay updated and well trained when it comes to practicing online couples therapy in Florida. So, we can offer you the best service that includes not only our expertise in couples work, but also our best practice when it comes to online marriage counseling.

just as effective


You'll get a confidential link and password to meet with your therapist via our secure online platform.


Your therapist will help you ease into your online session so you can get the most comfort and impact. 

ease in

Quickly into your virtual session you'll start feeling as if you are in the same room and start transforming your relationship.


How online therapy works

We conduct sessions via a secure platform that offers teletherapy video streams which are HIPAA (laws protecting patient privacy and confidentiality) compliant.

We conduct our online therapy sessions from a private room/office with a closed door.

We use headphones with a mic to prevent other people from overhearing session content.

To ensure the privacy of our sessions, we will do the following:

To take part in our online couples therapy sessions, you will need:

  1. Internet connection. 
  2. A device like a laptop, desktop, or iPad. 
  3. Meeting link you were provided with prior to the session.

It's always great if you can find a place where you can have privacy for the time of the session. We recommend a room you can close.

But your car works just as well!

You're Considering Online Relationship therapy But You Still Have A Few Questions And Concerns

Will the therapist be able to notice little things like body language?

Our therapist team is well trained in noticing body language and facial expressions through video so you can be reassured about that. We will make sure you are positioned in a way we can clearly see your facial and body language. 

Is online therapy as effective as in-person?

Our experience in the past year and the studies actually show the SAME level of effectiveness for telehealth and in-person sessions. We even see better results with our online clients. Our team has been exclusively online in the past year helping challenging cases with very high success levels. We assume it has to do with people feeling comfortable in their own natural environment. We also love "visiting" people's spaces and occasionally meeting their pets. 

"I've never tried online therapy. Not sure it's for me."

We get it. Online therapy is not for everyone. But if you've never tried it before, how about scheduling a free virtual consultation with one of our therapists to see how it feels?

"I'm not sure virtual sessions are personal enough."

We hear you and it makes sense you’d be wondering about that. After all, therapy is where you want to feel safe and personal. We have been seeing clients through telehealth in the past year and at this point we feel comfortable saying that we know how to create a secure virtual environment for our online clients. We start by helping you adjust the technology to make your session feel as personal as possible. Once that is set, a few minutes into the session and you feel as if we're in the same room. It’s like watching a movie on TV . After a few minutes you stop seeing the screen and immerse yourself in the experience. 

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Other Services Provided by Relationship Experts

Online couples therapy in Florida is not the only service we offer from our Miami FL-based counseling practice. Other services our relationship counselors provide include couples therapy, communication therapy for couples in Florida, tailored couples therapy programs and affair counseling. For more information that can help your relationship, feel free to visit my podcast or  work with us

You deserve to be happy in your relationship or marriage. Our therapists are here when you’re ready to start.

The Reviews:

"Idit helped save our marriage and we will forever be thankful."

When we both began going to therapy sessions, Idit was unbiased in her questioning and helped us analyze our feelings, situation, and goals. She made us both feel that what we were feeling was important. She gave us several practical tools & guides.



The Reviews:

florida couple

"We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed."

Idit helped by providing useful tools to resolve our conflict and in creating better communication skills between my spouse and I. The result has been life changing and empowering. 



florida couple

The Reviews:

"We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other."

We came with little hope that this will help save our marriage… Shockingly, after the first hour and a half with Idit, we were able to start changing as a couple. We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other which was the beginning of a turnaround for us after 7 years of marriage. 



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