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by Idit Sharoni,LMFT

Marriage Counseling and affair recovery for couples.

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What we do...

We offer marriage counseling, couples therapy, and coaching for couples and individuals online in Florida. We specialize in relationship issues, communication, infidelity, and intimacy.

We are a group of expert couples therapists specializing in couples therapy and marriage counseling and affair recovery led by Idit Sharoni, LMFT. We help couples and individuals save their relationships using our structured therapy process online.

We don't do "venting sessions". Instead, we provide couples with structure, tools, assessments, and guidance. Together, we help transform their relationships in the most effective way possible. 

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Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni.
Your Marriage Counselor & Relationship expert.

Hi, I'm Dr. Yael Haklai-Neagu.
Your Couples Therapist & Relationship expert.

I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I specialize in Marriage Counseling and Affair Recovery based in Miami, FL. I have a passion for helping couples save their marriages in the most effective way possible.

I've spent the last decade as a marriage counselor helping couples transform their relationships. I have accomplished this through my Marriage Counseling and Affair Recovery programs.

My team of experts and myself strongly believe that "venting sessions" are ineffective with couples. So, we offer structured couples therapy programs with assessments, tools, and progress evaluations.

about idit

I'm A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist Who Believes That Investing In The Health Of Your Relationship Is Ultimately Nurturing Your Wellbeing. 

about yael
about ana

I'm A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist. I believe that the building blocks of a healthy happy society are healthy and happy marriages.

Hi, I'm Ana De la cruz.
Your Marriage Counselor & Relationship expert.

Hi, I'm Alana Tokayer.
Your Marriage Counselor & Relationship expert.

I'm A Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. I wholeheartedly believe that our greatest growth happens during our toughest moments. 

about Alana

Relationship issues have a tendency to weigh heavily on your life.

Relationship Issues Have A Tendency To Weigh Heavily On Your Life.

YOU are arguing, drifting apart and resentment has become part of your day, every day. By now, you’ve probably tried a few solutions but nothing seems to work. Meanwhile…the situation keeps getting worse.

YOU WANT to know how to talk without arguing. All you want is to get your point across, and feel understood. You wish to enjoy your partner, feel loved, and be a happy loving couple again.

THE SOLUTION is waiting for you. A caring marriage counselor can help get you there. Our expertise in couple’s counseling combined with our effective programs is the perfect solution for the modern, busy couple. My team and I have spent thousands of hours helping couples transform their connection and save their relationship. We can work together to get you to communicate, love, and trust so that you can continue on a happier journey.

Every problem seems bigger when you’re not supported, listened to or understood.

couples counseling can be a solution for you if:

Marriage Counseling 

We offer marriage counseling and couples therapy services to Florida residents. We help couples transform their communication, overcome trust issues, rekindle intimacy, and more.  Our structured couples therapy process offers tools, assessments, and expert guidance throughout. Let a licensed experienced therapist who specializes in relationships help your relationship.

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affair counseling

We specialize in affair recovery. We help couples and individuals in the aftermath of infidelity heal and rebuild trust. Our successful structured therapy process is a 3-phase roadmap to healing. Together, our infidelity experts take you through this roadmap and guide you to a loving relationship based on trust. 

infidelity recovery program

Our full coaching program supports couples in the aftermath of infidelity looking to rebuild trust. This comprehensive coaching program supports couples in the US states and worldwide. We also provide an online course and constant support from our affair recovery experts. 

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We can help you save your relationship after infidelity.

We Can Help You Save Your Relationship After Infidelity.

Our highly successful coaching program is for couples who want to stay together, heal, and rebuild trust after infidelity. We serve couples in all states across the US, and worldwide. 

time to heal from infidelity

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Infidelity Recovery

you'll know what you're doing that's getting you stuck in conflict avoidance.

you'll get actionable suggestions to change that pattern and reconnect.

you will be able to start healing from infidelity!

Feel like you've been disconnected from your partner? Have you been avoiding confrontation to keep the peace? This free quiz will help you detect whether you've been engaged in relational conflict avoidance and what you can do instead to start healing from infidelity.

Do you engage in conflict Avoidance?

- Ruth & Rob

"Thank you! Your quiz and the results helped us realize why we were so disconnected and what to do about it."

Relational conflict avoidance


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The Go-To Podcast for Couples Looking to Level Up their Relationship Game (and learn great tools to do so).

Well over 500,000 downloads, 70+ shows filled with my best kept secrets to make your relationship work. All are welcome, come as you are and tune into this life changing experience.

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"useful tools to resolve our conflict and better communication."

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"Idit helped save our marriage and we will forever be thankful."

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"We started gaining back the lost respect we had for each-other."

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