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I'm Idit Sharoni, LMFT

I’m an expert on relationships, a couples therapist, and my specialty is helping people make their relationships work.


I'm Idit Sharoni, LMFT

I’m an expert on relationships, a couples therapist, and my specialty is helping people make their relationships work.

A Miami based licensed marriage & family therapist, podcaster, and couples’ educator.

I built a team of Relationship Experts and together we support couples all over the globe.

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your relationship is worth saving

Get the signs you should be looking for to assess your relationship's potential to heal.

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Relationship issues have a tendency to weigh heavily on your life.

Every problem seems bigger when you’re not supported, listened to or understood.





CURRENTLY arguing, drifting apart and resentment has become part of your day, every day, and it takes a toll. By now, you’ve probably tried a few solutions but nothing seems to work. Meanwhile…the situation just keeps getting worse.

YOU WANT to know how to talk without arguing, get your point across, and feel understood. You want to enjoy your partner, feel loved, trusted, and cared for. You want to be a happy couple again.

THE SOLUTION is waiting for you. I can help get you there. My expertise in couple’s counseling combined with my effective programs are the perfect solution for the modern, busy couple looking to save their relationship. I have spent thousands of hours helping couples transform their connection and enjoy their relationship again. We can work together to get you to communicate, love, and trust so that you can continue on a happier journey.

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Idit helped by providing useful tools to resolve our conflict and in creating better communication skills between my spouse and I. The result has been life changing and empowering.

- Florida Couple

From our first phone conversation, Idit made me feel comfortable; she understood exactly what was happening, and gave options that made me feel at ease. 

- Florida Couple

We’ve found this experience to be exactly what we needed in order to make our relationship successful. We would definitely recommend Idit Sharoni to any couple needing outside help to resolve issues within their relationship.

- Florida Couple


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5 star reviewed top relationship podcast led by Idit Sharoni sharing mini trainings on how to improve your relationship talking communication, infidelity, intimacy, and a lot more.

Well over 200,000 downloads, 65+ shows filled with my best kept secrets to make your relationship work. All are welcome, come as you are and tune into this life changing experience.

learn with idit & team

Learn with Idit & Team

Fortified with years of experience, expert lessons, and crafted to fit couples in the aftermath of infidelity's needs, my online programs will guide you through the right steps to heal your relationship and give you a roadmap to follow as you go. 


the Infidelity Recovery Program

Affair Recovery online courses empowered by personal coaching & designed to help you heal your relationship and rebuild trust. 

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