Episode #022: Healing After Breakup Vs. Moving On-Post Breakup Healing

Idit Sharoni

#022: Healing After Breakup Vs. Moving On – What’s The Difference?


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Have you recently gone through a breakup, thought you were moving on, but the baggage is still there? Are ready for some real post-breakup healing? If so, this episode is just what the doctor prescribed.

Not sure what the difference between moving on and healing your heart really is… Here’s an explanation. Let’s imagine this situation: you’ve tried everything you can to heal after a breakup, maybe even tried out our 5 techniques from episode#004  but still feel as though you haven’t been able to heal. Chances are you have been trying to get over your ex and move on instead of putting in the work to heal your heart. Moving on and healing after a breakup might sound like the same thing, but in reality, the journey of each one is a bit different. Moving on is simply making yourself feel better while healing your heart is more of an inner involvement within you.

To give you an idea, imagine a wobbly scary suspension bridge, which is very up high. This bridge is only supported on both sides, either by a mountain or a pier. This wobbly bridge has a few checkpoints, now imagine walking past all checkpoints and simply ignoring them. You just want to get off that scary bridge and be on the other side already. Frightened of taking that first step across the bridge, scared to look up, down or to the side. You just want to get to the end ASAP, that’s it! This is how most people attempt to get over someone after their relationship is over; they are in pain and they just want to get over the pain.

In contrast, healing your heart is all about stopping at the checkpoints within your journey and working through the process. Healing your heart is not just about getting to the other side. It’s about focusing on the here and now within your journey. It is very important to be present in these checkpoints in order to truly heal.

Are you ready for the post-breakup healing process, but not sure how to handle the checkpoints?

On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, my co-host Alina and I give you examples of some recommended healing checkpoints throughout your journey. We also reveal how you can determine if you are ready to start healing. Tune in this episode not only to get a better understanding of the difference between post-breakup healing and moving on but also to find out the necessary mindset shift you need to apply in order to truly heal your heart.

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