#012: Staying After Infidelity – Mistake # 1

You’re staying together, but you’re bound to make mistakes trying to move past infidelity.Wondering how to avoid infidelity aftermath mistakes? One of them has a lot to do with rebuilding trust as a first step.

Once you’ve decided to stay after infidelity there comes the hardest part – rebuilding trust. One of the most common mistakes partners make in the midst of infidelity aftermath is assuming that trust will be built with time. If the first step to healing is ending the affair, then this is the first trap a healing couple can stumble upon. Often times, that means ending the affair in a way that leaves the hurt partner with even more doubt than before.

Luckily, there is a way to end the affair while rebuilding trust and healing your relationship. In this episode, I will guide you through a step-by-step strategy on how to end the affair and avoid expected pitfalls. Want an actual worksheet to guide you through this? No problem. Download the freebie for this episode and you’ll get everything you need to pass this step with flying colors.

This particular episode is for the unfaithful partner, however, both partners can benefit from learning how to collaborate on this step. So, get ready to learn what you can do to gain some trust back and to start the healing process.

Infidelity mistake #1 - Couples counseling Miami, Florida

And because I know how hard it to talk to others about infidelity tainted relationship, I have created an e-community. This e-community is a closed Facebook group called “It’s Okay To Stay”. This is a judgment-free group, with people who also decided to stay after an infidelity. Please join us there.

Can’t wait to share this episode with you so… tune in!

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Not Just Friends by Shirley Glass – book based on research about understanding and healing from infidelity.