Episode #013: Why You Can't Let Go Of "The One" From Your Past?
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#013: Why You Can’t Let Go Of “The One” From Your Past?


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Do you ever think about the one that got away? If so, you probably wonder why you can’t let go of a past relationship that is no longer in existence.

This particular episode was inspired by one of our listeners who wrote to us, asking why she cannot let go of her ex. Our listener has been in a relationship for the past year. However, she still cannot get her ex out of her mind. She has no intentions of getting back with him as she is happy in her current relationship. But her ex still pops in her head making her wonder why it keeps happening and if it’s normal. Can you relate to what this listener is going through? If so, stay tuned!

To further explain, regardless of whether things ended in bad or good terms with your ex, he/she is still in your head. Believe it or not, the reason why you can’t let go has nothing to do with the person constantly on your mind. It has absolutely everything to do with you. Chances are he/she is Not even “The One”.

In this episode, we guide you on how to not get caught up on the “WHY” this person keeps popping in your head. Instead, we help you focus on the pattern as to when and/or how this person pops into your mind and go from there. Examples of these can be asking yourself the following: Do you miss them? Are the thoughts positive or negative? Are there specific situations as to when he/she comes into your mind? Once you have an idea of the pattern of your thoughts, it will be easier to understand what you are experiencing. Sounds complicated? No worries, my co-host Alina and I make it simple for you on the actual episode. Get ready to reveal the meaning of what you are experiencing.

Stay tuned!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Jennice Villhaeur’s TED Talk, Why You Don’t Get What You Want


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