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#011: How To Cope With Ghosting

Idit Sharoni

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Have you been dating someone and while everything seemed great, out of nowhere that person stopped communicating with you? If so, chances are you were experiencing Ghosting.

If Ghosting is not exactly what you experienced, how about dating someone who hasn’t stopped communicating with you, but keeps canceling plans you had together? Even though their reasons for canceling sound legitimate, it seems to happen too often which makes you think something is off. In other cases, the person still hangs out but they are very distant and a bit unclear with you. They seem to not want to have a conversation with you, their answers are short and direct making you feel as if they have no interest in interacting with you. Well… these are forms of what we call Modern Dating Flakiness.

Ghosting can damage a person’s self-esteem. The worst part is not even knowing what you did wrong. Apparently, ghosting has become a part of the dating world these days. If going on dates was fearful, now this makes it even scarier to get out there. But don’t worry, for my co-host, Alina, and I have brought you this episode on How To Cope With Ghosting.

In this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast, we will first explain what Ghosting, Icing, and Simmering in relationships mean. Yes… there are 3 forms of flakiness in the modern dating world. And, as always, we will give you strategies on what you can do to cope with all 3 forms of Modern Dating Flakiness.

Tune into this episode to learn more tips to navigate the dating world that has changed dramatically since online dating has become the main strategy to get dates.

Stay Tuned!

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