Episode #020: How To Find The One - Dating after breakup
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Idit Sharoni

#020: How To Find “The One”


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I'm Idit Sharoni.
I'm a Miami licensed couples therapist, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and I specialize in healing after infidelity. 

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Do you want to find your life partner already? Have you put yourself back in the dating world to find the one? Well… if you’ve been through a breakup, chances are you’re questioning your ability to attract the right person.

You are streaming all the dating avenues out there, in the hopes to find the one right partner for you. In the modern world, technology has made it easier to connect with new and different people from around the world. You have match.com, Tinder, POF and many more sites which are purposely made to help individuals in the dating world. Chances are you know someone who met their spouse through a dating site, which proves dating sites meet their purpose from time to time. However, having access to all these options might have prompted you to go out on multiple dates throughout the week. This can be even more confusing for you when it comes finding the ONE right person for you.

If you’ve been through a breakup that ended a not-so-successful relationship, you probably doubt yourself. You question your ability to pick the right person. You may even question your ability to attract the right person. This happens more so if the previous relationship was toxic or unhealthy to some extent. Being with a toxic partner can absolutely make you think there’s something wrong with your judgement. This is where we come in to help you regain the trust in yourself and then prepare to find The One.

Ready to start dating again, but this time you want to do things right?

Once you’ve decided to put yourself back in the dating world, it is very important to not lose yourself. You have to check-in with yourself to make sure you are in the right emotional state of mind. Hint: you might also want to recognize your own reasoning and readiness for the dating world. On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast, together with my co-host Alina we go more in depth on how to check in with yourself and questions you should ask yourself as you enter the dating world. We will reveal 3 takeaways to direct you closer to attracting The One who’s right for you.

We also share areas where people tend to get stuck and make mistakes after they’ve healed from a breakup and start dating again. This episode is geared towards anyone who has worked through their breakup and is concerned that they will attract the wrong person again.

It’s time to find the one who is the right person for you.

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