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#046: Date Night Will Not Solve Your Relationship Problems


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I'm Idit Sharoni.
I'm a Miami licensed couples therapist, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and I specialize in healing after infidelity. 

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How many times  have you been told by your partner you should have a date night for just the two of you? You may have heard experts say that date nights are the ultimate solution to enhancing relationships. Maybe you’ve even thought about it yourself many times. Despite this common advice, date nights spent alone will probably not guarantee you a happy long-term relationship. In fact, they can become dull and boring over time.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Disclaimer: I am not saying date night is a bad idea in any way shape or form, I actually recommend it to my clients from time to time. And I do believe date night plays an important role in relationships. But it is not the ultimate solution to a happy marriage. See why as you listen to the episode.
  • If you are a frequent listener of our podcast, Relationships Uncomplicated, you already know how my co-host and I like to challenge what seems to be a “one size fits all” piece of advice. So this time, inspired by an article from the New York Times and by some of my past cases, I think it’s time to raise awareness to the importance of maintaining social networks and self-reliance after you say “I Do!”.
  • According to the latest research findings by Benjamin Karney social psychology professor from U.C.L.A and his research team, “we feel more satisfied in our relationships when we socialize than when we spend time just by ourselves as a couple.”
  • I talk about the need for balance between unity and individuality. They may sound like exact opposites, but that is not the case in long-term relationships. Unity creates a sense of safety, it is knowing your partner will have your back no matter what. Which allows the partner to nurture their individuality and social networking. So in order for individuality to work, the unity of the couple must already be in place.
  • People who socialize more frequently with good friends, report fewer depressive symptoms and so do their partner, according to recent research.
  • In the first stages of falling in love, a designated date night is perfect for a relationship. But when the first rush of passion has passed, there are other things you can do to keep the passion alive.[/li-row][/list-ul] After listening to this episode, if you feel the need to discuss this further with a therapist, contact me. I help couples in Aventura, Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach and other cities across Florida.

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