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What to Consider When You Need A Couples Therapist Now

Idit Sharoni

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I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in Miami, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and heal after infidelity. 


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If you think it might be time for couples therapy, you are definitely not alone. Right now, scores of couples like you are searching Google for the right therapist to help them save their relationships. 

You too, may be scrolling through strange names and websites, hoping to find a therapist whose face or “about me” page inspires confidence. You may also feel scared or nervous trying to choose a complete stranger to trust with your relationship story.

Deciding To See a Couples Therapist is Not Easy

The reality? Deciding to see a couples therapist is not an easy choice to make. How can you know which factors matter most? What do you ask when you think you’ve found a good fit?

Great questions. I’m here to help. Let’s explore the answers so that you and your partner can secure the support you need and heal the hurt between you.

Photo of a happy couple sitting by water hugging each other. Are you looking to start meeting with a couples therapist in Florida? Learn the main topics to know before going.

Your Couples Therapist: Choose Care Over Cost & Convenience

Everybody loves a bargain. A routine bargain, located nearby is even better, unless we’re talking about healthcare. In that case, most of us are willing to pay more, travel farther, and work with a scheduler to secure time with the right caregiver or physician.

Your couples therapist should be put in the same care category. The health of your relationship needs restoration. The process should be carefully weighed and executed. 

Your therapist needs to be more than a neighborhood convenience or Google recommendation. Additionally, a therapy investment based on limited criteria like hours of operation or sliding scale payment options is likely not to offer the lasting returns you hope for. 

A serious care decision deserves serious consideration and solid reasoning. 

Your Couples Therapist: Choose For The Right Reasons to Get the Right Fit

So, if cost, availability, and location aren’t the most important factors in therapist selection, what are they? What reasoning best supports your therapist selection? Consider the following:

You value specialization.

First and foremost, you need to know that your potential therapist understands the importance of your relationship and has a plan to help you improve it. Couples therapy involves intentional support and guidance. The quality of your relationship determines the quality of your life together. It should be clear that your couples therapist is skilled and ready with a plan to help you and your partner move forward.

You pay for what you prioritize.

Put more bluntly, divorce court costs much more than couples therapy. Does this dismiss the fact that counseling may simply be unaffordable right now? Not at all, but do consider how you spend your money before you decide you don’t have counseling funds. Reason through some of your key expenditures and measure them against your relationship. When it’s all said and done, who should you pay- a quality counselor or a divorce attorney?

You look for structure and results.

Choosing couples therapy is very different from seeking out traditional, individual therapy. Why? It comes down to structure and progress. Unlike traditional therapy, which usually relies on weekly 50-minute sessions, couples often need at least 90 minutes to share and interact. Otherwise, the partners just vent their frustrations, get defensive, and leave the way they came. 

In addition to more session time, a quality therapist offers an overall structure for the therapy process. This provides clarity and the ability to assess treatment progress as you work together, helping you and your partner feel confident in your commitment to healing.

You are aware and discerning.

To get the quality couples counselor you deserve, you must realize that every counselor claiming expertise isn’t an expert. A host of psychotherapists will suggest that they are able to provide therapy for you and your partner. How is that possible? Any psychotherapist can offer couples therapy, regardless of their license type, continuing education, or experience. In other words, beware. You could choose a “couples therapist” who has only ever served substance abuse clients!

Also, avoid inexperienced or unqualified couples therapists. Be sure their degree and additional training specialize in relationships.

Finally, with all of this in mind, it’s crucial to ask specific questions when you do find a therapist you like.

Photo of a couple sitting on a couch happily talking with a couples therapist. Learn how to find the best couples therapist in Florida to help you begin to strengthen your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

Your Couples Therapist: Choose Only After You Know The Answers to These 5 Questions

1. What is your specialization and experience with couples therapy?

When speaking to a potential therapist, briefly describe what’s happening in your relationship. Determine whether the therapist specializes in couples therapy. Then ask how they think they can help. Keep an ear out for specifics. 

2. How do you structure therapy sessions and determine an action plan?

Ask about the therapist’s general procedure for helping struggling couples. Get a sense of their experience, overall structure, and session style.

3. Can you share how you will assess our relationship and progress if we work with you?

Ask how the therapist will assess your relationship situation. Find out whether they have a system to glean your progress throughout treatment.

4. What therapy license do you have for our state?

You want to be sure that your therapist has a license, if it is valid in your state, and whether their training matches your needs. You need to know that your therapist is truly a therapist (a highly trained professional, able to manage different psychological situations using specific techniques, like the Gottman Method) rather than a relationship coach or life coach, neither of which retains psychotherapy licenses.  

Licensed clinicians are bound by ethics and laws to protect you. They are legally responsible for confidentiality and your care. Their extensive training, grad school, two years of supervised client contact, and a national exam can make all the difference in the quality of your counseling experience.

5. ( Insert your key questions here) 

Know what matters to you and feel free to ask it. Your potential therapist should be open to your questions and aim to make you feel comfortable. 

Photo of a happy couple smiling and walking down the side of a road. Looking to reconnect with your partner and repair relationship damage. Discover how a couples therapist in Florida can help you regain trust and communication in your relationship.

Your Couples Therapist: Take the Next Step

Choosing a third person to help you and your partner navigate your relationship is challenging. Hopefully, this information will help you confidently select the couples therapist for you. 

For more support and information, please listen to my podcast regarding couples therapy or contact me for a consultation soon.

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