#039: Truth After Infidelity – Will It Set You Free?

If you are in the aftermath of infidelity, you probably feel the need to know the truth and nothing but. The questions is: Will the truth after infidelity actually set you free? The answer to this is not as simple as it may seem.

If the truth really does set you free, then how come many report the opposite when it comes to truth after infidelity? Why is it that after betrayed partners learn the details they end up being haunted by intrusive thoughts and images? In fact, parts of the truth after infidelity can be re-traumatizing for partners and have the potential to stop or regress the healing process.

So, can the truth really set you free? Well, the truth can set you free while tying you down. Sounds confusing, I know but there’s a logical explanation that can help you sort out what kind of questions will bring you the truth that can help you heal.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • In the aftermath of infidelity, finding meaning as to why this happened is far more valuable than just finding facts.

When seeking the truth, it is about getting information that is going to benefit you in rebuilding your relationship and avoiding retraumatizing information that has the potential to push you backwards.

  • The one-dimensional lens society has imposed on us and why it’s not helpful to a healing relationship. (3:30)
  • Get to know the monster you are fighting (affair? one-night stand? Is it really over?) (11:39)
  • The top-notch questions you should be asking to heal your relationship and the ones you should try to avoid. (13:05)

These questions are not easy and the conversations around them may be uncomfortable for the two of you. But the silver lining (or beauty) of this is that those very uncomfortable conversations have the ability to create a depth of understanding that brings closeness. Many couples report that they have a stronger connection as a result of some meaningful conversations trying to understand the meaning of the infidelity.

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