Episode #035: Will You Ever Trust Your Betraying Partner Again? (Part 2)

Idit Sharoni

#035: Will You Ever Trust Your Betraying Partner Again? (Part 2)


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I'm a Miami licensed couples therapist, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and I specialize in healing after infidelity. 


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I'm Idit Sharoni, LMFT

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Our highly effective coaching program for couples in the aftermath of infidelity looking to heal and regain trust.

After discussing trust and what it means to regain it in part 1, we are now ready to start talking about why you should or shouldn’t stay with your unfaithful partner. In part 2 of this episode series, you get the Why Stay Inventory – a list you can go down by to assess your decision about staying or leaving.

Trust is one of the most important building blocks in any relationship. Therefore, it makes sense to be confused when you face the decision to leave or stay with an unfaithful partner. Regaining trust after infidelity is possible under certain circumstances, but before you start working on regaining, see if your relationship has what it takes to heal after infidelity.

On part 2 of this episode, I introduce the Why Stay Inventory – a list of 4 qualities/areas in your relationship that you can score from 1-5 depending on how confident you are on each one.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

This episode will give you a chance to self-assess your relationship. This self-assessment will help you see which areas your relationship needs some improvements.

One of the many issues couples face after infidelity is not being able to communicate in a productive way. Being consumed with such strong emotions makes it hard to find the right words to say. This inventory can help you carry out a conversation in which you tell your partner what it is that you need from them.

You might be willing to make it work after your partner was unfaithful to you, but what about your partner? Is he/she willing to make it work as well? To figure this out, I give some indicators to pay attention to.

My hope is that after you listen to this episode, you will be closer being able to determine if your relationship is worth saving. And if so, I hope you make the efforts to discuss this with your partner as you both should know the road to regaining trust is long and bumpy.

Check out these highlights:

I explain in detail what the Why Stay Inventory is. (1:33)

How to self-assess your relationship using the Why Stay Inventory. (2:02)

Is your relationship really worth saving? (8:58)

How to apply a different kinds of trust in your relationship.(12:55)

After you have assessed your relationship using our rating system, I explain the next steps you can take.(16:29)

If you haven’t listened to Episode #33 I highly recommend doing so as this is a 2-part episode. In episode #033 I explain the terms blind trust and open Eyed trust, which are terms you need to know in order to understand parts of this episode. If you are in Aventura, Miami, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach or surrounding areas in Florida and you would like to discuss the healing process after infidelity, please give me a call.

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