#018: Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

Considering staying friends with your ex? Or maybe you’ve been occasionally checking in with your ex. Learn if you should stay friends with your ex and under which circumstances.

You want to stay friends with your ex but not sure it’s the right move. It could be that your ex is insisting on keeping you in their lives by making you a friend. Maybe you and your ex-partner have many friends in common, which might be pushing you to stay friends in order to stay civil and not make your common friends feel uncomfortable. Are you wondering if you should stay friends with your ex just to accommodate them or others?

What is friendship to you? When you think of friendship, do you believe you can have that same connection and closeness with your ex? These are questions my co-host and I are challenging on this new episode of Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast. There are many reasons why couples decide to stay friends after a breakup and some of them are reasonable. However, it very important to identify the reasons why you want to stay friends. If you have an ulterior motive for this friendship, then you might be going for the wrong type of friendship that’s mostly going to make you feel miserable. And that is already starting off as a bad relationship to have. You must also pay attention if the friendship is mutually beneficial or is it one-sided.

On this episode of Relationship Uncomplicated, we will identify 4 important factors you should consider if you are planning to stay friends with your ex. We then offer 4 evaluations you should make to ensure that you’re going towards a mutually beneficial friendship. On the way, we explain the difference between friendship and check-in-ship, a word I totally invented for the purpose of this episode! And for “dessert” we tie it all in with an elaborate conclusion that you don’t want to miss.

Tune in to find out if you are really ready to stay friends with your ex.

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