Episode #001: Are you in a Relationship Worth Saving? - Find Out Here!
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#001: Are you in a Relationship Worth Saving?


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I'm Idit Sharoni.
I'm a Miami licensed couples therapist, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and I specialize in healing after infidelity. 

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Have you been wondering if you’re in a relationship worth saving? In this episode, I share along with my co-host Alina Gershonov, the signs your relationship is worth saving.

Many couples who experience difficulties in their marriage or relationship report constant arguments that leave them hopeless about the relationship’s potential to improve. Others report a difficulty moving past traumatic events such as infidelity and regaining trust back into their relationship. Are you in a relationship worth saving?

I know that experiencing communication or trust issues for a while can make you wonder if it’s ever going to get better and if it’s worth the repair work. That is why I wanted this to be the first episode of our podcast. I think it is highly important to give you these tips right at the beginning. So you can start making up your mind about whether your relationship is worth saving.

We split this episode into 3 part for easy listening:

  1. Symptoms and potential scenarios you may be experiencing in your relationship.
  2. Key components I look for in relationships.
  3. 4 signs that tell you your relationship is worth saving.

I want you to have the FULL LIST of all 7 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving right in front of you so you can read and share it with your partner. I made it easy to immediately download from here. So make sure you download that freebie and have it ready when it’s time to make decisions about whether your relationship has what it takes to heal.

Are you in a relationship worth saving? Couples counseling Miami, Florida

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