Effective Communication in Couples Therapy: Resolving Arguments and Strengthening Connection

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I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in Miami, a relationship podcast host, and an educator. I help couples transform their patterns of communication and heal after infidelity. 


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Relationship issues often stem from troubled communication. Lack of validation, indifference, or poor listening are often factors. Are you and your partner stuck in a cycle of arguing and upset? Do you push each other away instead of treasuring time together? If so, you may find yourselves in an unhealthy pattern.

Distance, discomfort, and disdain can creep into a relationship without viable communication tools. Openly expressing your thoughts and feelings is daunting when you’re misunderstood, rejected, or ignored. Yet, you and your partner don’t have to stay stuck there. Together, you can head off resentment and eventual contempt. How? A communication therapist for couples is a good place to start.

Couples therapy in Miami, FL offers support and solutions for resolving arguments and strengthening connections. What kind of solutions? 

Image of a couple sitting at table with breakfast food smiling at each other and holding hands. With the help of couples therapy in Orlando, FL you can learn to manage the communication issues you struggle with and reconnect.

Therapy for Couples With Communication Issues Includes Tips Like These

First, Pay Attention to What’s Going On With You

Self-awareness is a crucial part of healthy communication with your partner. A couples therapist at Relationship Experts will advise you both to look inward before addressing issues you have with the other person. The goal is to be a conscious communicator. Thus, it is important to slow your thinking and reactions when arguments arise. Give yourself a bit of time and mental space to observe, and consider your emotions. Learning to pause and reflect personally is the first step in prioritizing the way you connect relationally.

Approach Each Other With More Care & Curiosity

Are you listening to learn when conflict arises in your relationship? It’s easy to fall into defensiveness and resentment tune in to each other. If you don’t know how to prevent these things from hijacking your communication, you’re not alone. Often partners realize that they need help. We offer couples therapy in Miami, FL that understands how important it is to approach conflict with more questions than assumptions.

Together, we can work through the beliefs and unhelpful ideas that are coming between you. Therapy helps you both ask open-ended questions that encourage vulnerability and authenticity. From there, emotional safety and trust increase.

Don’t Underestimate Body Language

How you listen and pay attention matters. Thus, non-verbal communication matters. How you hold your body, fix your gaze, and set your facial expressions will communicate interest and respect. How you breathe and create space between you sends a message that your partner will believe more than your words. When you align your verbal and non-verbal you help ensure you are understood.

Image of a couple standing outside in a park on a sunny day smiling and embracing each other. Effectively manage your communication issues with the help of couples therapy in Miami, FL.

Keep Calm & Self-Soothe

Take a break. Breathe. Hydrate. Then, come back calmer and more focused on the issue at hand. Your ability to self-soothe is a gift to your relationship communication. You can challenge an automatic desire to fight or flee during the conflict by thinking through a flood of emotions. Reach out to a professional for self-soothing techniques and effectively interrupting problem communication. A communication therapist for couples can give you both tools for interrupting overwhelm.

Own Your Emotions

Do you hear the difference between, “You make me so angry!” and “I feel angry because we haven’t planned any time together”? That’s the difference between an accusation and an “I” statement. The first is likely to provoke defensiveness. The second indicates that you own your experience and can communicate your feelings without blame. The goal here? To make room for space for closeness and a shared experience. Let your partner into your internal world so that they want to come alongside you to problem-solve.

Be a Validator Instead of a Critic

Arguments often bring out the critics inside us. Partners can fall into a pattern of picking each other apart to “win” the fight. Of course, no one really wins. Criticism is hardly a motivator, as it usually leaves one or both of you feeling ashamed, attacked, and disconnected. When our team offers therapy for couples with communication issues, we work on validation techniques instead. Why?

Validation, particularly in the heat of conflict, puts things in perspective. In other words, you remember that you love each other despite your differences. This turns the potential damage of conflict on its head. Neither of you feels guilty or unheard. Instead, you both feel appreciated for being a valued partner with a valid viewpoint. Show your partner that respect, empathy, and acceptance are no-brainers in your union.

In an intimate relationship, there are bound to be some collisions of opinion.

Conflict happens between two people sharing a connected life. The key is to manage conflict well. We hope you see that these tools and the guidance of a communication therapist for couples are a great help. If you are looking for a couples therapist in Miami, FL please reach out soon.

Image of a woman holding a man's face smiling at each other. Work through your communication issues with the help of a couples therapist in Miami, FL.

Ready to Start Effectively Communicating With Your Partner With Couples Therapy in Miami, Orlando, and Anywhere in Florida?

Resolve arguments and strengthen your relationship with couples therapy in Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, or anywhere in the state of Florida. Move forward with improved communication, problem-solving, and deeper connection. Professional and supportive couples therapists at Relationship Experts offer you and your partner compassionate care whenever you’re ready Follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. Plan your free consultation to see if Couples Therapy is right for you
  2. Share with a discreet couples therapist for a 90-minute initial session
  3. Begin improving your communication and resolving arguments now!

Other Services Offered By Relationship Experts

Our team of couples therapists at Relationship Experts offers helpful services to promote closeness and connection. Aside from in-person therapy, our practice, based in Miami, FL, offers our online therapy in the United States and worldwide. These services include Couples Counseling, Infidelity Recovery, and Communication Therapy. Please read more of our blog for more useful information!


Image of a smiling couple laying on the ground looking at each other. Learn to effectively communicate in your relationship with the help of couples therapy in Miami, FL.

I'm Idit Sharoni, your podcast host.

I'm an expert on relationships and infidelity recovery. I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist, a podcast host, and the founder of Relationship Experts  - a Couples Therapy & Coaching private practice.

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