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I believe it is possible to heal your relationship after infidelity.

No doubt I am meeting you at a very difficult time. Perhaps the worst time of your lives? Infidelity is life-shattering. It burns up more than just your relationship…it impacts the kids, your family, your friends, your job…your sanity. Nothing seems to escape its flame.

I’ve seen couples pushed to the brink and beyond. I’ve seen couples desperate to move forward but unable to trust again. Couples that feel like they’re stuck on a never-ending rollercoaster of emotion that is out of control and utterly unbearable.

So, I decided to take all of my knowledge from years of helping couples in the aftermath of infidelity and put it into an online program and now it’s all yours.

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remorse Blueprint

express your remorse effectively

Learn exactly how to express remorse that can be accepted by hurt partners. Are you ready to apply the 2 most important parts of remorse you are likely to be skipping?

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welcome to relationship school where you can take all classes in your pajama at the comfort of your home or office

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end the affair

end your affair/relationship properly

Ready to properly end the affair in a way that honors your relationship and your hurt partener all while regaining trust?

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It's okay to stay®

roadmap to healing your relationship after INFIDELITY

Your A-Z implementation program where I guide you through a roadmap to healing after infidelity.
We'll start with crisis aversion, go through trust rebuilding, and finish when you achieve a loving new and improved relationship with your partner. 
Sounds like something you desperately need?

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"The course gave us a way to save our marriage by facing not only the infidelity but the root cause of it while still being able to face and own the responsibility of the infidelity."

Shannon & Rob

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