It's Okay To Stay®️:
A Roadmap to Healing After Infidelity

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Made by licensed professionals and proven to save hundreds of relationships in the aftermath of infidelity. This e-Course will help you take the right steps to heal, rebuild trust, and regain a happy, loving relationship. 

infidelity recovery e-course

Healing and thriving after infidelity is possible! We see it every day. You can enjoy a loving relationship based on trust again. You can grow from the trauma, reach genuine forgiveness and feel loved, wanted, respected, and admired. These are the results our course participants get when they follow our roadmap to healing. These can be your life too.

It is time you finally get the right help to heal and rebuild trust.

You don't have to do it alone.

“This program transformed our relationship & our life!"

- Kevin & Crystal

So many couples Have been right where you are.

They struggled with the healing for months and sometimes years. They were stuck in crisis mode hoping that therapy, books, or podcast will finally help them feel better. Only to find that none of those or time actually heal after infidelity.

They realized they need a roadmap to healing with tools and steps that's led by an expert.

but guess what...

Our complete easy to follow roadmap to healing your relationship after infidelity. This program will take you from crisis to healing in just 8 weeks! You know what I'm saying? Don't worry - we will be sharing all of the details down below!

It's Okay to stay®
roadmap to healing after infidelity


Module 01 - Essentials

You'll start with the essential information to get you started on the same page when it comes to understanding the roadmap to healing after infidelity. This module encompasses everything you need to know about infidelity to best navigate the program with utmost success including what constitutes infidelity, your potential to heal, how to increase it, creating the right support system, and more. 

pogram breakdown:

Module 02 - Rebalance

This is when you implement your first healing steps to rebalance the crisis. You’ll put the right systems in place (transparency, trust building, and genuine forgiveness) which will ultimately allow you to “get off” the emotional rollercoaster and experience steady healing. And the most important part about this is it will get the crisis to subside and allow you to be ready for the next steps in a matter of 2 weeks! from the beginning of the program!

Module 03 - Reconnect

Most couples get stuck in their healing with their inability to communicate when it comes to discussing the pain from infidelity. So because of that, you will learn tools to transform your communication. This way, you won't only master handling conflict and feeling heard and understood, but you’ll also stop conflict avoidance and start having healing conversations.
You’ll also learn & practice skills to safely discuss the meaning & motives for the infidelity which will answer your questions of why. The combination of healing conversations and insight will help you regain the lost access to your partner’s inner world so you can regain your sense of coherence as well as reduce PTSD. 

Module 04 - Restart

We don’t want you to only survive - we want you to THRIVE! That’s why the last step is to Restart a New & Improved Relationship! So the final step you’ll take is to “push” a Restart button on your relationship (end relationship #1 and start relationship #2 with the same person) so that you don’t have to go back to how things were before and instead go on to a much better relationship. One that meets your needs to feel well loved, wanted, respected, admired, etc. You will create and implement your new & improved relationship blueprint and learn to maintain success and prevent relapse. 






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Replace conflict avoidance with healing conversations

Understand the meaning and the motives for the infidelity.

Regain a loving relationship based on trust & mutual respect. 

Reach genuine forgiveness that is earned rather than given.

Regain trust, create healthy transparency, and offer remorse.


Choose from our one time reduced price payment, or our payment plan with easy monthly installments. 

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Start implementing our roadmap steps and watch as your relationship and life transform.

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How it works

Dave & Shelly got their love back...

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real results

It was a very good program to bring us as a couple together to have a road map to follow to move us forward in our recovery process.

Chris & Dana rebuilt their trust

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real results

I am really pleased with how well thought out and structured everything was. We couldn’t have done this kind of progress this quickly without your roadmap. Thanks!

Max & Joy saved their relationship

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real results

We would recommend this program for couples who are looking for step by step guidance to navigate the aftermath of infidelity.

8 weeks from now you will have wished you started today....

so let's get  you started!

I think it would be a great tool for couples who want to stay together.

Very well organized, effective and forward thinking. We feel like implementing the communication tools will help us turn in and face tough conversations.

Jenny & Dave

It definitely made a difference in the ability to navigate an exceptionally difficult time in our lives.

The program gave us structure, a schedule, room to tailor it to our own individual needs, and an opportunity to revive our relationship and rediscover our love for each other.

Shasha & Ben

This was a priceless investment in our relationship.

It is obvious that the person leading this program (Idit Sharoni, LMFT) is an expert. She is one of the few out there who really understands what couples like us go through and what we need to heal. 

james & Katie

Yes, it really works:

Payment Plan

Module 1:
healing essentials

Module 2:
rebalance crisis

Module 3:
reconnect & get insight

Module 4: Restart improved relationship

3 payments of $699

One Payment 





1 payment of $1997

select the plan that works for you:

Bonus 1:
stop intrusive thoughts

bonus 2:
self-soothing break



We worked with hundreds of couples throughout the years and learned what works in what order. Of course, it's not a simple do this do that. It's a robust formula that can adapt to different situations. From dealing with full-blown affairs, repeated infidelity, emotional affairs, online porn, to any other betrayal you can think of. If it happened to you, we know how to help you save your relationship and make it work!

You're stronger than you think you are. But like many others, you need help to take the next step to heal, forgive, and trust. You just want someone to tell you what works.

you're in the right place.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Grab your seat today and get two free trainings!

For a limited time, we've added 2 bonus trainings that will help hurt partners with PTSD to stop intrusive thoughts, and both partners with taking a self soothing break during argument. *All research based trainings.


bonus trainings

Stop intrusive thoughts

Take A Self Soothing Break

Regain the trust back so you can start living your life as you want worry-free.

Feel free to enjoy your partner and relationship again, go on date nights, and just have fun!

Be able to enjoy healing conversations with your spouse, feel heard and understood.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for your new and improved relationship that includes your needs & boundaries.

Have your genuine forgiveness earned so you can both enjoy your relationship eternally.

Be a loving couple again & concentrate on making new memories.

By the end of it's okay to stay® program, you will...


“This program helped me save my relationship!"

- John & Carry

I am very happy that we choose to participate in the program. It was excellent! We learned to not let the pain and worry from this wound make us defensive as it did for many years before this.

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“The program helped substantially with enhancing communication"

- Sonia & Jonathan

The program educated the betraying partner about PTSD and helped the betrayed partner in reducing symptoms. Idit's expertise is exceptional and that coupled with the structured course material has been a crucial help.

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I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Miami, Florida. I've helped hundreds of couples successfully heal after infidelity in the past decade. My mission is to let all know that healing IS POSSIBLE and achievable!

I'm Idit, your affair recovery expert.

But it wasn't always this way...

When I started practicing couples therapy years ago, I did what all conventional therapists do - I listened to my clients venting. When I met my first infidelity recovery couple, the hurt partner asked for a roadmap to healing and I said "I don't have that". She never came back...

That moment I realized that couples in the aftermath of infidelity NEED a structured roadmap with clear steps and tools to get them to heal. So, I got trained and specialized and used my knowledge and years of experience to bring you this proven roadmap to healing after infidelity. Hundreds of couples already used it to heal. So can you!

it's not about being special, You too can experience this level of success if you just follow an effective roadmap.

This infidelity recovery program is the only one of its kind because...

IT provides you with a roadmap.

Unlike week-to-week ongoing and ineffective therapy sessions, this program provides you with a clear path to to heal, regain trust, and restart a new and improved relationship after infidelity. 

We don'y want you to just survive. We want you to thrive and enjoy a loving relationship after this program. That is why we carefully designed our roadmap using our years of experience and expertise to give you this perfected product. We know and trust you will come out the other side using our roadmap to healing. 

it is made by infidelity recovery experts who worked with 100's of couples in the past decade.

We respect everyone, but when it comes to healing after infidelity we don't think it's time for inexperienced amateurs or even generalist therapist. You want to work with the most experienced experts in the field. 

That is why we created this program as a result of many years of training, working with couples just like you. Our lead expert, Idit Sharoni, LMFT has personally put all of her knowledge and experience into this roadmap to make sure it takes you from crisis to success. 

implement at your own pace

program filled with implementational tools

GROW YOUR relational collaboration

Follow a proven roadmap

IOTS program includes everything you need to heal after infidelity.

That your course or product can only take them so far. That not only applying what they will learn but sweat equity into their vision is the only way to move the needle. And then you are going to leave them with something majorly thought-provoking...

Not just surviving, but THRIVING!

Enjoying a loving relationship after healing the pain of infidelity.

Rebuilding the trust and getting to genuine forgiveness that is earned day after day.

Transforming your communication by getting away from conflict avoidance into healing conversations.

Building a new and improved relationship based on your specific needs and boundaries.

Learning tools to continue to use to make your relationship thrive forever!

If you want now to be the time that you *finally* commit to:


Try our Program for 7 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated by the course content within those first week, simply reach out within 7 days of purchase date, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. 

money back 


This *is* for you if:

Both of you are committed to healing. 

Only one partner is committed.

You're willing to do the work.

You're not willing to do the work.

You're looking for a roadmap with clear steps from an expert.

It's probably *not* for you if...

You prefer reading books or venting sessions with a therapist.

Let's do this thing!


what is your success rate? and how do you determine it?

We have a high success rate of over 90%! We determine that by surveying all our clients towards the end of their process. We are proud that 100% of our couples say they'd recommend this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

is this program good for different kinds of infidelity?

Yes, it is aimed at any type of betrayal including physical affairs, emotional affairs, online affairs, porn, sexting, paid sex, etc. We consider all types of infidelity to be life shattering for couples. 

can we take the program if one of us is conflicted?

It depends. If the hurt partner is conflicted, than no problem, you can take the program. But if the unfaithful partner is not remorseful or still betraying, than don't take this program.

what's the time commitment? we're a busy couple.

We recommend taking the program in the span of 8-10 weeks. You can expect 2 weekly hours of materials + time for implementation as needed. We drip out the modules according to a recommended schedule.

how long do we get access to the program?

You get lifetime access to the program so you can take it at your pace and go back to materials at any given moment. You have 24/7 access to our platform once you enroll. 

do you offer 1:1 support if we feel we need that?

Yes, we do. If you want to add our coaching services to the program, you can reach out and we will schedule a call to give you all the information and pricing for that addition. 


The number of couples who took this program


Number of lessons in the program


The program's success rate by clients


Number of weeks it takes to complete the program

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I completely understand. Every decision to invested in your relationship is an important one! We here in Relationship Experts are committed to answering all your questions to ensure perfect fit.

Disclaimer: This program is educational only and is not a substitute for marriage and family therapy, psychotherapy and/or medication under the care of a licensed therapist, psychiatrist or doctor. The Program is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. For any medical and psychological condition, physical symptoms or disorders, always consult with a qualified physician, psychotherapist or appropriate health care professional. Online and telephone interactions provided in this educational program may not be appropriate if you experience a crisis, have any suicidal thoughts or ideas, or experience any other harmful or life‐threatening situation, and in such instances you should seek professional services elsewhere, such as (but not limited to) contacting law enforcement or a crisis hotline, calling 911, or going to a hospital emergency room.