Episode #009: Why getting over a breakup can feel like Drug Withdrawal
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#009: Healing After Breakup Can Feel Like Drug Withdrawal


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If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, then you may find relief in knowing that you are not the only one feeling the withdrawal effects of the “drug” called love.

Believe it or not, the deep pain you experience after a split actually triggers the same part of the brain that is stimulated during drug addiction. This is according to a recent study at Stony Brook University.

Love is one of the most powerful addictions. When you lose it your body enters a period of withdrawal. A breakup, in that case, affects both your mind and your body. Therefore, life experiences highly influence your brain being the most powerful organ in your body. Now let’s connect this with withdrawal. Studies show that the agony a person experiences during a breakup triggers the same exact part of the brain stimulated during an addiction withdrawal. A brain scan of a person who recently experienced a romantic loss will look very similar to that of a recent cocaine addict. Isn’t that mind-blowing?!

In this episode, I discuss along with my co-host the one tip you should apply when healing after a breakup and feeling withdrawal symptoms. You might not have thought of it yourself because you probably didn’t recognize that you’re experiencing withdrawal. This why I first want you to get more information about how it looks like when you’re withdrawing from your ex. Then, I want you to learn what you can do to immediately help yourself.

Are you also wondering how to deal in the case you accidentally bump into your recent ex? If so, we got you covered here as well. Look for our tip on this one as well.

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