Forgiving & Forgetting is NOT the Key to Healing After Infidelity:

3 Steps to Put Your Relationship on the Right Track to Healing & Trust Building

In This Masterclass




What’s Keeping Your Relationship From Healing 

The most common mistake couples make in the aftermath of infidelity that often stops them from healing and instead, gets them stuck in anger, and hopelessness.



Specific Steps to Put You ON TRACK to Healing & Trust Building

3 steps you can take to get you out of the rabbit hole and onto a clear pathway to healing your relationship.



How to Move from Hopelessness to Hopefulness

that your relationship can heal and that you can trust or be trusted again.



The Roadmap to Regaining a Loving & Trusting Relationship

What it looks like to get from point A: CRISIS > to point B: SOUND RELATIONSHIP. An overall look at everything couples need to do in order to regain trust and restart a new & healthier relationship with the same person.

A note From the Instructor…

Hi there, I know. I’m meeting you at a very difficult time in your life. Infidelity is life shattering. It often pushes couples to the edge of their ability to be hopeful and clear about how to heal. Couples and especially hurt partners often say that they are not sure if they can ever trust their betraying partners again.

As a couples therapist (LMFT) specializing in helping couples in the aftermath of infidelity, I’ve learned that when I present a you with a clear path, it awakens your trust in your ability to heal.

That’s why I carefully selected the very best from my knowledge about affair recovery for this masterclass. And I’m very excited to meet you inside and show you the steps!


It’s Okay To Stay – Roadmap To Healing After Infidelity

How to Heal, Rebuild Trust, and Restart Your Relationship In the Aftermath of Infidelity Without Falling Apart, the Constant Ups and Downs, or the Life Shattering Question “Can We Heal From This?”

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